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On September 1st 2010 retired school Principal, Gary Oliver set off on a 12 month Challenge to break the record for photographing the most Australian bird species in a single year. With his support team of one, (his wife, Glenda) they set off on a journey that would clock up over 55,000 kms and take them to every State in Australia.
The trip was not without incident; sticky swamps, unfriendly crocodiles, seasickness, hot and dusty deserts and devastating floods added to the difficulty of the task. Yet 12 months and six car tyres later they had established a staggering record of 518 different birds photographed.
On the way they met other quirky birding enthusiasts and photographers who helped with local knowledge and suggestions. Told with enthusiasm and a dry sense of humour, this book is the result of that 12 month adventure.
Join Gary and Glenda on their journey, meet some interesting characters, some delightful yet frustratingly unco-operative birds and most importantly, enjoy a trip around this great country from a different perspective, with an outrageous Challenge to ensure that the pace is kept right up to the end.

Contact us at gg.oliver@bigpond.com

Saturday, November 17, 2012


17th November 2012

The book about our challenge has finally arrived!
Thank you to everyone for supporting this venture. It has been amazing and humbling.
Birdshoot Australia can be ordered by printing and completing the form below:

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Please complete the following form and send, along with payment to :

Gary Oliver

Birdshoot Australia

52 Landrigan Road

Carisbrook. 3464


What Others have to say about the Book
Hi Gary,
Just finished reading your book!  When we spoke last week I had browsed bits and had not really started “reading in earnest”...... What a read!!!  I literally couldn’t put it down. Knowing virtually nothing about birds, my first thoughts were that I might find myself out of my depth. How wrong could I be?  The relaxed style of presentation along with just enough exacting detail thoroughly mixed with your infectious brand of humour had me hooked! I think I actually know some stuff about birds now!  I also believe this to be an “honest” book. This is not just “twitcher” Gary. We can actually hear your words! The reader is party to your innermost thoughts, expectations, fears and triumphs; they are on this trip with you and Glenda, wondering what is around the next bend and up the next tree. I also haven’t had so many “belly laughs” for a long time. I think you have achieved something a bit unusual with this: to me it appears to be not only a book for twitchers and lovers of Australiana but also an adventure, travelogue, quest and warm-hearted humorous affirmation of the human spirit. Congrats.,
Bill Davies
Book Store Owner
I am not a birdwatcher as such....but I am truly enjoying reading this Mr Oliver. Well done. And might I suggest to anyone out there who needs a gift for someone who likes reading about an everyday bloke and his wife travelling around Australia following their passion and dream...that this book should be a serious consideration   (16th December 2012)

 LOL...bugger you Mr Oliver. I am NOT a "twitcher" in any way shape or form. But this is a GOOD read. From a girl that reads sci fantasy , Anne Mccaffrey, Jackie French, Brian Jacques and Enid Blyton school girl books.    - Kristen Stewart (18th December 2012)
 Um ...now what do I do Mr Oliver, or may I call you Gary now I have read of you intimately....? Suffice to say....I would like a sequel. Very bloody well done. Was hard to put down, my girls suffered through some late dinners, cos I was just finishing a chapter. You should be extremely proud. -  (20th December 2012)
Kristen Stewart
Mt Clear SC


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